Crate Collective 2-Piece Bamboo Spurtle Set (Stirring Spatula/Spoon) - 9" Spurtle and 13" Spurtle

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Not Quite A Spoon, Not Quite A Spatula, But Rather A Bit of Both

Wondering what a spurtle is? Well, it’s that one kitchen tool you didn’t know you’ve always needed! With Scottish origins dating back to the 15th century, the spurtle was used to perfectly stir porridge without leaving any lumps behind. A couple of centuries down the line, and a couple of design tweaks here and there, and this humble spoon has become a versatile gem in the kitchen. It now packs the stirring benefits of a spoon with the scooping functionality of a spatula in just one tool. 

Product Description

Crate Collective’s bamboo spurtle set is all about introducing amazing versatility into your kitchen. These wooden cooking utensils give you the power to stir, scoop, and serve with just one tool. And with both a 9” spurtle and a 13” spurtle in every set, you’ll have what you need to do everything from stir soups, fry eggs, brown meat, to make porridge. We’ve used 100% natural bamboo for utensils that are incredibly durable, stain & odor resistant, naturally antimicrobial, very eco-friendly, kind to non-stick cookware, and will look amazing in your kitchen.

Grab your bamboo spurtle set today to make cooking more seamless.


Protect Your Pans

Our wooden kitchen tools are the perfect solution for keeping your expensive non stick cookware in great condition. Not only is the bamboo gentle on the sensitive surface to prevent any scratches, but the edges of the spurtles are gently curved to make scraping food from the edges of pots a breeze.

All about Comfort

Designed with an elongated shaft for greater leverage, the spurtle set takes the stress out of serving sticky foods like mashed potatoes and casseroles. The long ergonomic handle of the 13” spurtle also keeps your hand away from the cooking action for added safety.

The Beauty of Bamboo

We’ve used 100% premium bamboo to design these wooden kitchen utensils. Bamboo utensils are known for their amazing durability when cared for properly, easily outlasting tools made using other types of wood or even plastic. But bamboo packs more secrets that you’ll simply love:

- Natural antimicrobial properties helps keep germs at bay

- Highly renewable and 100% biodegradable making it very eco-friendly

- Attractive appearance to give your kitchen an elegant touch

- Conveniently lightweight for easy use and portability

- Stain and odor resistant making it easy to clean (hand wash only)

For All Your Dishes

Crate Collective’s bamboo spoon set comes with a 9” spurtle and a 13” spurtle to complement all your meals. Reach out for the shorter one whenever you want to mix up some ingredients, brown some meat, or prepare small dishes. Go for the longer one when stirring soups, or reach out for both to make great salad tossing spoons.

Here are more ways to use your new spurtles:

- Whisk batter and dough

- Fry eggs

- Scoop sauces and condiments

- Frost cakes or cupcakes

- Stir porridge and pasta

  • MADE OF PREMIUM BAMBOO which is naturally lightweight, sturdy, and antimicrobial
  • CARVED BAMBOO prevents spurtles from scratching pots or other dishes while using, making them perfect for stirring your recipes and scraping food from the edges into serving dishes
  • ELONGATED DESIGN allows for versatility in stirring, mixing, scooping, or tossing salads
  • INCLUDES one 9" spurtle and one 13" spurtle for any size pot or bowl
  • EASY TO CLEAN, simply hand wash with warm soapy water and dry


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