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Size:2 Pack w/ Mitt


No More Sniffles!
Has there been a lot of sneezing and stuffed noses around the house of late? Then DeMite Eat My Dust allergen reducer spray is just what your sinuses need! All manner of allergens accumulate on furniture surfaces and hide in wooden carvings, grooves and cracks, causing a lot of discomfort to anyone allergic to them. DeMite not only effectively removes the majority of these allergens, but keeps them from going airborne during dusting, maintaining a safe environment for the whole family.

Nothing but Sheen!
Want to restore that wooden armoire or dining table back to its knee-weakening glory? All you need is a dash of this furniture polish spray! DeMite gently cleans and polishes your wooden surfaces, leaving behind that enviable, lustrous sheen of hand-rubbed furniture. And using it is a total breeze.

Shake well before using. To dust and clean wood furniture and paneling: spray onto the bonus mitt or hold container upright and spray a very light mist onto the surface from about 6 to 8 inches away. Wipe carefully with the DeMite mitt, not only to remove allergenic particles, but also to prevent them from spreading into the air. To dust floors: spray onto a dust mop (or the frond side of the included mitt) and wipe thoroughly (do not spray directly onto the floor, to keep it from becoming slippery).

Whether it's a desk, bookshelf or wood paneling, count on DeMite to rid it of allergens while leaving it in lustrous condition. Click Add to Cart now!

  • ELIMINATES ALLERGENS – DeMite Eat My Dust anti-allergen spray removes pollen, dust mite, allergens, and pet allergens from wooden surfaces, and is great for cleaning out carvings, grooves and cracks in your wooden furniture
  • NO OILY RESIDUE – This allergen reducer spray, unlike most domestic and commercial products, leaves surfaces without any oily residue, preventing the collection of more allergens
  • BEAUTIFUL SHEEN – Our wood polish spray creates a lustrous and velvety finish on desks, cabinets, and paneling, giving them the enviable look of hand-rubbed furniture
  • COMPLETELY ODORLESS – Spray contains no harsh perfumes, fragrances, or odors, making it ideal for those with chemical sensitivity
  • BONUS MITT helps you apply the spray and wipe down your furniture without making a mess – one side of the mitt is made of smooth cloth for polishing tables, counters, and other flat furniture, while the other side features fluffy fronds that are ideal for wiping down grooved surfaces like baseboards and cleaning hard to reach corners on your shelving