Life At the Pond 19,000 Frogs and Counting

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Life at the Pond is a great fun learning opportunity for kids. Fully stocked with biblical values, The Pond - a popular radio program on hundreds of stations nationwide - overflows with laugh-and-learn lessons and is a great family friendly source of entertainment. Recommended for ages 3 and up.

19,000 Frogs and Counting Audio CD - Tony the Frogs meets the Duggars

In this special audio episode, Tony the Frog, tired of his many siblings and the ongoing issues, takes a long walk in the forest and gets lost. Eventually he’s captured by Jackson Duggar, of TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting, and brought into the Duggar home. Meanwhile, his other friends at the pond realize he’s gone and go off to find him.

While with the Duggar family, Tony makes a mess of the house as he breaks free and leads the kids on a wild chase that leaves food and dishes everywhere. In the end, he learns a great life lesson on how siblings should treat each other.

All 19 kids along with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar play themselves in this episode of Life at the Pond, helping Tony learn a valuable lesson about getting along with his brothers and sisters.

Don’t miss this great episode with the Duggar kids — including newlywed Jill Duggar who just had her wedding recently — where all the kids find a character-building resolution with action and adventure your kids will love!

Josh, Anna and Mackynzie also make an appearance. The taping of the audio episode was broadcast on TLC. Run Time: 47 Minutes

Faith, Fun, and Values guaranteed!