Life at the Pond 3-Pack CD Bundle with All Pond CDs -19,000 Frogs and Counting, Angels Watching Over Me, The Day Without Rules - Teach Your Kids Biblical Character - Faith, Fun, and Values Guaranteed

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Ultimate Pond Audio Collection - faith, fun, and values guaranteed!

Life at the Pond is a great fun learning opportunity for kids. Fully stocked with biblical values, The Pond - a popular radio program on hundreds of stations nationwide - overflows with laugh-and-learn lessons and is a great family friendly source of entertainment. Recommended for ages 3 and up.

19,000 Frogs and Counting - A story about how to treat your siblings

Tony the Frog, tired of his many siblings, takes a long walk in the forest and gets lost. Eventually he’s captured by Jackson Duggar, of TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting, and brought into the Duggar home. While with the Duggar family, Tony learns a great life lesson on how siblings should treat each other.

The Day Without Rules - Stories about following rules, loving your enemies, consequences, and more

Disc One
1. Singing in the Pond
2. Love Your Enemies
3. Those Silly Rules
4. New Kid at the Pond
5. Nickname
6. Greener Grass

Disc Two
1. Practice Makes Perfect
2. The Mystery
3. Cooking Lessons
4. The Narrator’s Story
5. The Loud Goose
6. Consequences

Angels Watching Over Me - Stories about fear, friendship, thankfulness, sharing, gossip, teamwork, responsibility, and more

Disc One
1. Angels Watching Over Me (fear)
2. A Good Friend (being a good friend)
3. Be Nice to Your Sister (sibling rivalry)
4. Germs (cleanliness, pull this out when school starts)
5. Thankful (being thankful, of course)
6. Remote Controlled Lily Pad (sharing, pull this out twice a day)

Disc Two
1. Googolplextuplits (new siblings, they aren’t so bad)
2. X Marks the Spot (working together)
3. Military Lesson (being on time/responsibility)
4. Everything you Hear (gossip)
5. Don’t Be Late (promptness)
6. Can’t Have Everything (selfishness)