Life at the Pond 4-Pack DVD Bundle - Teach Your Kids Biblical Values, Virtues, and Character: Love Your Enemies, Faith, Responsibility and Priority

  • $ 24.99

Ultimate Pond DVD Collection - Hours of Family-Safe Entertainment - Faith, Fun, and Values Guaranteed

Life at the Pond is a great fun learning opportunity for kids. Fully stocked with biblical values, The Pond - a popular radio program on hundreds of stations nationwide - overflows with laugh-and-learn lessons and is a great family friendly source of entertainment. This 4-pack DVD bundle includes 4 of the Life at the Pond DVDs. Recommended for ages 3 and up.

"I’m Dr. Holstein, a frequent visitor to The Pond. I’ve been asked to tell moms why this is the most important video they’ll ever buy. Hogwash! But by golly, your kids will laugh as they learn Bible-based lessons with my delightful friends. It’s like chocolate-covered broccoli, except they won’t need to brush afterward. Oh, quit reading and try it!"

Alligator Hunter - A story about loving your enemies- The Alligator Hunter needs an alligator, and Methuselah is snatched from Bill the duck's couch. The creatures now work to seek and rescue their friend.

The Rise & Fall of Tony the Frog - A story about priorities and idolatry- Tony the Frog turns a paper route into an empire in a lesson about idolatry - putting things above God. Tony's friends also learn the power of prayer and patience as they find they can't pull Tony out of this on wits alone.

The Little Things - A story about responsibility and trust- When the annual carnival comes to town, all the creatures get great jobs. Except Floyd, who treats his things poorly. If you can't be trusted with the little things, you can't be trusted with the big things.

There's Something Funny in the Water - A story about fear and sticking to your commitments- Bill the Duck must confront his fear when some old friends visit The Pond. In a second story, all the creatures learn the importance of sticking to their commitments.