Life at the Pond 7-Pack DVD/CD Bundle - Teach Your Kids Biblical Values, Virtues, and Character: Love Your Enemies, Love Your Neighbor, Faith, Responsibility and Priority

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Ultimate Pond Collection - Hours of Family-Safe Entertainment

Fully stocked with biblical values, The Pond - a popular radio progam on hundreds of stations nationwide - overflows with laugh-and-learn lessons. Recommended for ages 3 and up.

Alligator Hunter:The Alligator Hunter needs an alligator, and Methuselah is snatched from Bill the duck's couch. The creatures now work to seek and rescue their friend. It's a great lesson on learning to love your enemies.

Big Mouth Bass:A big mouth bass, living in the pond, sucks down toys because she doesn't like the noise when the creatures are playing. But then, she disappears. Now the Pond creatures have to make a choice: Celebrate or rescue her?

The Rise & Fall of Tony the Frog:Tony the Frog turns a paper route into an empire in a lesson about idolatry - putting things above God. Tony's friends also learn the power of prayer and patience as they find they can't pull Tony out of this on wits alone.

The Little Things:When the annual carnival comes to town, all the creatures get great jobs. Except Floyd. Eventually, he discovers it's because he treats his things poorly. If you can't be trusted with the little things, you can't be trusted with the big things.

There's Something Funny in the Water:Bill the Duck must confront his fear when some old friends visit The Pond. In a second story, all the creatures learn the importance of sticking to their commitments.

19,000 Frogs & Counting:Tony the Frog, tired of his many siblings and the ongoing issues, takes a long walk in the forest and gets lost. Eventually he's captured by Jackson Duggar, of TLC's 19 Kids and Counting, and brought into the Duggar home where they help Tony learn a valuable lesson about getting along with his brothers and sisters.

Angels Watching Over Me:This a 2-disk collection of 12 total radio episodes from the Pond.