Mastectomy Drainage Shower Wrap Bathing Garment - Post Mastectomy Surgical Drain Management and Wound Protection Garment for the Shower - Breast Cancer Rehab

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No More Hassle

The Pink Pouch mastectomy drainage wrap is designed by a breast cancer patient for breast cancer patients to make taking a shower less of a nightmare. We set out to create a product that doesn’t make you feel like a science experiment while in the shower. One that gives you the freedom to take a shower all by yourself. And that’s how this innovative mastectomy garment was born; a way to set you on the path to living a full life in the pink.

Our patented design allows you to quickly and securely attach drains to the garment. It features 3 pouches on each side that can accommodate up to 6 drains, and 2 velcro straps on each side to keep the tubes in place. So now you’ll never have to depend on someone else to help you with the drains when taking a shower. Simply slip on the Pink Pouch and enjoy a touch of privacy and a whole lot of freedom.

Word from the Founder

Hi there,

Just wanted to give you a little backstory on how the Pink Pouch came about.

I was diagnosed with left breast cancer and had to undergo bilateral mastectomies back in 2008.

I knew beforehand that I had to deal with drains, but never imagined how much of a nightmare managing them would be. Especially when it came to taking a shower. So naturally, I went online to search for a product to tame the drains. Something to hold the drain bulbs while protecting the wound site. But I couldn’t find anything suitable no matter where I looked.

This whole experience inspired me to design the Pink Pouch shower garment.

Hope it makes your healing process a little bit smoother.

Wishing you a quick recovery,

Suzette Bryan.

Unlike regular drain belts provided by the hospitals that are a pain to wear, the Pink Pouch is designed with maximum comfort in mind.

No Irritation

You’ll love the soft lining that feels great on the skin. And we’ve made the Pink Pouch very easy to wear. No dealing with numerous buckles and straps. The wrap around design easily closes at the front with strong Velcro and allows you to get ready for shower time in no time.

Fits All Sizes

Choose between our wide size range for the perfect-fitting post surgery mastectomy clothing. Available in small, medium, large and extra-large, the post surgical wrap fits snugly without being restrictive.

Keep Moisture at Bay

Made using premium quality waterproof neoprene, this medical garment effectively keeps moisture away from the wound and drain sites. Whether you’ve just had a mastectomy, reconstructive surgery, or breast augmentation, this shower wrap is a great way of promoting the healing process.

* Drain Bulbs are shown for illustration only and are not included.
  • Drain management pouch for post-mastectomy or post-surgical women with breast cancer to freely take showers easily and safely - no other product addresses all of the needs of the patient during a shower
  • Wrap around design closes securely in the front for comfort and wound protection in the shower - allows for major personal hygiene areas to be freely accessible to be washed, such as the underarm, full arm, upper chest and shoulders, neck, and upper back
  • Comfortable shower wrap is made of water-resistant Neoprene, or "diving material," with soft insulated lining to protect against moisture
  • Features two Velcro flaps on each side for tubing security and three Pink Pouches on each side to accommodate up to six drains, which can be securely attached to the garment in a comfortable sewn Pink Pouches
  • Let us help you find a better way of healing so you can find a better way of life