Nuvälsa Earscope - in-Ear Stethoscope Ozone Insufflator with Medical Silicone Tube, Soft Ear Plugs, Male Luer Lock

  • $ 48.97

Nuvälsa Ozone Stethoscope - in-ear Insufflation made easy
  • ENHANCED IN-EAR OZONE INSUFFLATION - The Nuvälsa Ozone Stethoscope is a one-size-fits-all device designed to enhance in-ear insufflation treatments
  • MALE LUER LOCK allows you to effortlessly and reliably link the Nuvälsa Ozone Stethoscope to other ozone therapy accessories, such as humidifiers and ozone generators. The Luer lock connection secures a consistent and effective ozone stream, while the Y connector provides even flow to both earbuds.
  • SOFT BINAURAL EARBUDS - The earplugs fit snugly and comfortably into the ear, providing a direct path to the ear canal.
  • QUALITY, CLEAR, 100% OZONE-RESISTANT SILICONE TUBING – Unlike rubber, which oxidizes and cracks when exposed to ozone, our durable, medical-grade silicone is 100% ozone-resistant and constructed to last for years.
  • A HOLISTIC APPROACH TO WELLNESS – In-ear insufflation provides superior and efficient ozone saturation - the many benefits of ozone therapy are expedited, enhancing its overall performance and results.

The Nuvälsa in-ear insufflation stethoscope. With soft-sealing buds, the Nuvälsa Ozone Stethoscope is an essential addition to your ozone insufflation kit!

What is Ozone in-ear insufflation?

In-ear insufflation is the process of moving O3 into the ear cavities without putting any pressure on the eardrums. By insufflating ozone through the ears, its access to the inner ear and brain is faster than other insufflation methods.

Health benefits

Ozone insufflation may help provide relief for symptoms associated with sinusitis, earaches, tinnitus, hearing loss, inflammations, brain fogginess and memory problems.

The Nuvälsa Ozone Stethoscope is a premium medical earscope with:

  • Comfort-fit Ozone-resistant earbuds
  • Binaural ear hook (Outer Diameter: 4mm)
  • Male Luer Lock
  • PVDF Ozone-resistant Y connector (Outer Diameter: 4mm)
  • Transparent Medical Silicone Tube:(Inner Diameter: 4mm)


Luer lock connection for quick, simple installation

It easily and securely connects the stethoscope to other ozone devices or accessories. Fully compatible with and adaptable to most ozone generators.

High quality ultra-soft ear pieces for a comfortable fit

The stethoscope earplugs provide an airtight fit and are universal and replaceable. They gently rest in your ear for a smooth ozone flow into the ear, making insufflations smooth and easy.

Made from ozone-resistant materials including medical-grade silicone tubing that will stand the test of time.