P7-FindIt 3-in-1 Smart Item Tracker, 4.0 Bluetooth & Easy-to-Use App to Track Wallet, Keys, Children, Pets, and More - 50m Range, Phone Finder, Smart Search, Camera Shutter, Anti-Lost Alerts

  • $ 9.99

Size:2 Pack

3-in-1 Smart Tracker

The P7-FindIt is a simple way to keep track of items around the home using your smartphone. Using Bluetooth 4.0 technology and the free mobile app for iPhone or Android, you can quickly locate lost items using the radar indicator, or tap the "Ring" button to cause your lost item to ring. With this 3-in-1 smart tracker, you can track lost items, find your phone by causing it to ring, or take selfies remotely using the camera shutter button. Manage multiple beacons simultaneously for the best experience.

How it Works

1) Install the free mobile app to your iOS or Android device, then pair it with your P7-FindIt beacon via 4.0 Bluetooth.

2) Attach the beacon to something you don’t want to lose. This could be your keys, wallet, TV remote, jacket, car, pets, children, or anything.

3) Once the inevitable happens and you can’t find your item, simply open the app on your phone to track it. Use Smart Search to track down your item using a radar screen, with a percentage indicator of how close you are to your lost object. Tap the speaker icon to ring the P7-FindIt beacon for efficient searching.

4) If your item is out of range, no worries. You can use Last Seen Tracking to view your item’s last known location on a map. It’ll give you a good location on where to continue your search.

5) Set Anti-lost alerts to warn you if you forgot your item, reminding you to go retrieve it before it's too late.

6) If you lose your phone, there is an easy way to locate it with the Phone Finder. Just press the button on your P7-FindIt beacon repeatedly to ring your phone, even on silent mode.

7) Can’t get a good selfie angle? You can even use this beacon and app combo to take selfies on your phone from a distance, offering you the perfect angle and range all the time.

If you’re tired of losing your items and spending hours searching for them, invest in one or a few of these to change your life forever.

  • RADAR INDICATOR displays a proximity map on your phone leading you directly to your lost item, whether you’ve lost your wallet, keys, TV remote, jacket, car, or even your pets or children - press the speaker button to ring the beacon attached to your lost item
  • LAST SEEN TRACKING locates your item’s last known location on a map if you are out of range, allowing you to find lost or stolen items quickly
  • REMOTE CAMERA SHUTTER allows you to snap selfies on your phone from a distance - use the same button to repeatedly ring your lost phone, even if it’s on silent, allowing you to locate it within seconds
  • CONNECT TO THE FREE MOBILE APP to turn on anti-lost alerts, which will remind you to take forgotten items with your and warn you if you are getting to far away - app compatible with iOS and Android
  • 4.0 BLUETOOTH PAIRING lets you track multiple beacons simultaneously so you can keep track of all your valuables at once