Portable Wand Scanner Accessories Bundle for VuPoint and other Magic Wand Scanners - Long Hard Shell Case, Micro / Mini USB Cables, 8GB MicroSD Card, Car Adapter, and Optical Cleaning Cloth

  • $ 19.99

Features Everything You Need to For Your VuPoint Scanner

This KRATE Accessories Bundle contains everything you need to get started with your new VuPoint scanner! Or maybe you've had said scanner for a while now and are looking to expand your options. Either way, this accessories bundle is sure to help!

Magic Wand series "One Size Fits Most" hard shell carrying case fits most VuPoint scanners, as long as they are in theMagic Wand series(not compatible with InstaScan models). Also fits other brands such as MSRM, Taotronics, Molshine, Fastsnail & similiar Wand Scanners. Features sturdy shockproof design, inner compartments to store accessories, elastic straps to secure scanner in place, and a convenient zipper to store everything for portability. Also includes two USB cables, one mini and one micro, one of which will be compatible with whatever VuPoint scanner you happen to own (or even other devices, for that matter!); use them to charge your device or transfer files to your computer. This bundle even includes a bonus car adapter for on-the-go charging.

You can store everything in the case for efficient mobile support. You will also receive an 8GB microSD card, which is required but not included with VuPoint scanners, needed to store any scans you make as JPEG or PDF files, which you can transfer to a computer later on. Finally, we will include a bonus microfiber cleaning cloth, featuring our exclusive company logo.

Includes Six Great Accessories:

• "One Size Fits Most" Hard Shell Carrying Case for Magic Wand Scanners

• Mini USB Cable

• Micro USB Cable

• Car Adapter

• 8GB Micro SD Card

• Exclusive Company Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

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  • INCLUDES SIX DIFFERENT ACCESSORIES, compatible with most portable VuPoint scanners (scanner NOT INCLUDED) - everything you need to get started with your new device
  • "ONE SIZE FITS MOST" hard shell carrying KRATE case for Magic Wand scanners - protective, shockproof, and portable fits Vupoint, MSRM, Taotronics, Molshine, Fastsnail & similiar Wand Scanners. Fits: PDS-ST415-VP, PDS-ST470-VP, and PDSWF-ST47-VP
  • COMPACT KRATE CARRYING CASE features protective shockproof exterior and includes accessories compartments as well as secure elastic straps
  • TWO USB CABLES, one mini and one micro - one of them will match your device - plus a bonus CAR ADAPTER for on-the-go charging
  • FEATURES 8GB MICRO SD CARD, required but not included with standard VuPoint scanners, as well as an exclusive company microfiber cleaning cloth